NIE + Bank Account

Any resident or non-resident foreigner with financial affairs (including property ownership) in Spain needs a foreign tax identification number, a Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NIE). This applies to both EU and non-EU citizens.

Spaniards have the equivalent Número de Identificación Fiscal (NIF) and companies have the Certificado de Identificación Fiscal (CIF). Both serve as tax identification numbers.

Getting your

NIE-Number and Spanish bank account

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You must have an NIE number to:

- Buy or sell property
- Open a Spanish bank account
- Real estate to be insured
- Take out a mortgage
- Taxes to pay

There are several ways to obtain a NIE. For example via the Spanish Consulate in your own country. Or you can make an appointment with the Foreigners Police. If you are looking for a method without a lot of hassle where you hardly have to arrange anything yourself, you can have it arranged through a Spanish Gestoria. A Gestoria is an administration office that helps homeowners, among other things, with all kinds of things such as tax returns and remittances, insurance, car import, rental permit, etc.

All the Gestoria needs is a copy of your passport made by a local notary. With this copy and your signature and an application form signed by you, the Gestoria can request your NIE from the Foreigners Police. They will also register your NIE with the Spanish Tax Authorities so that you can pay the first tax you will pay in Spain, the Property Purchase Tax (ITP). This is done via the notary during the transfer.

A suitable moment to have a copy of your passport made is when you are here in Spain, for example when viewing homes. Your Real Estate Agent may be able to assist you in making a copy of your passport at a local notary. The costs of this are approximately €10. The costs of the Gestoria per NIE, inclusive of registration with the tax authorities, are approximately between €125 and €150 depending on which Gestoria.

Your Real Estate Agent can walk you into a Spanish Gestoria with a copy of your passport so that you sign an NIE application procedure authorization form. With that, your work is done with regard to the NIE and you will receive the NIE within a few weeks. You will receive an invoice from the Gestoria to pay the costs in advance.

Opening your Spanish bank account

When you become a homeowner in Spain you need a Spanish bank account. To open a Spanish bank account you need the following:

- Copy of passport or identity card
- NIE number or indicate that NIE is in the application procedure and pass on later to the bank
- Confirmation of your permanent home address in your own country

Your Real Estate Agent may be able to help you open the bank account. Lucas Fox Playa de Aro advises the Banc Sabadell where it does its own banking.